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At Hadassah, we believe that when we empower women, we can help heal our world. Every day, Hadassah’s nearly 300,000 members, supporters and Associates are making an impact, together. Here’s a small sampling of the people, programs and initiatives — in more than 500 chapters across the US — helping advance Hadassah healing.

A 32% increase
in new members
compared to 2021.

More than 6,000 attendees at virtual Hadassah events

Including One Book, One Hadassah discussions, health and Israel programs, and more.

Stronger Together: Our Advocacy

The Power of Advocacy

Hadassah’s 2022 advocacy efforts contributed to broad bipartisan support of our legislative priorities in the 117th Congress. Supporters from 46 states used Hadassah’s National Action Center to send thousands of emails to their members of Congress and other officials. Over 600 advocates met – in person or online – with legislators during the 117th Congress.

375+ Congressional Cosponsors supported
Hadassah's Policy Priorities

375+ congressional cosponsors supported Hadassah's policy priorities, including over 80 in support of US-Israel medical partnership and over 20 on the Hadassah-backed H.Res. 338, affirming congressional commitments to address infertility (causes, diagnoses, treatment and costs).

Fighting Antisemitism 

Hadassah has long been active in the fight against antisemitism and hate, using our influence as a powerful national organization and as individuals. As antisemitic incidents surged in 2022 — often in our own communities — we educated, spoke out and advocated, including for the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s Working Definition of Antisemitism, adopted by 18 states in 2022.

Hadassah for Choice 

As part of our #Hadassah4Choice campaign, we mobilized around the country, before and after the Supreme Court released its Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health decision overturning the precedent set by Roe v. Wade. Hadassah CEO Naomi Adler delivered a powerful speech at the Jewish reproductive rights rally in Washington, D.C. And our advocates mobilized and educated, including at our Road Beyond Roe event with feminist powerhouse, Hadassah member and Ms. magazine co-founder Letty Cottin Pogrebin. And we continued to fight — and win — on the state level against bans and restrictions on reproductive care.

Impact at the polls

In 5 states, we mobilized voters and secured reproductive freedom through ballot initiatives.

An Outcry Against Hate 

“The Olympic value of building a better and more peaceful world requires all of us to stand up against acts of hatred and antisemitism and to remember those who lost their lives because of them.” 
Marking the 50th anniversary of the murder of eleven members of the Israeli Olympic Team at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Hadassah National President Rhoda Smolow and CEO Naomi Adler urged the International Olympic Committee to ensure that the victims of the Munich Massacre are remembered with a minute of silence at the start of every Olympic Games.

Programs With Purpose

“Every single one of us has the ability not just
to act but to compel others to action...Our world needs us — it needs you”

— Hadassah National President Rhoda Smolow

Healthy Moves 

In 2022, more than 350 participants took part in Every Move Counts, Hadassah’s health and wellness program, part of Every Beat Counts: Hadassah’s Heart Health Program. Together, they walked over 100 million steps — that's twice around the world.

Making Meaning with Hadassah 

Focused on advocacy, health, Israel and empowerment, Hadassah's first one-day virtual women's conference, The Power of Purpose, brought together hundreds of women from around the world. The lineup of powerful speakers, breakout sessions and workshops provided attendees with tools to help them find their purpose and make an impact, kicking off with a conversation with broadcast journalist Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes and author Jenna Bush Hager of NBC’s TODAY Show.

Future Focused with Evolve

“Being an Evolve Hadassah member to me means being part of the next generation of strong women leaders.”

—Sandy Fertman, Houston, Texas

Evolve Hadassah empowers the next generation of Hadassah women to make an impact on the organization and within their communities; to advocate loudly for women’s issues, supporting Israel and combating antisemitism; to support each other and women everywhere; and to build personal connections that will last a lifetime.

Empowered and Inspiring:
The Women of Hadassah

Across the Generations

“At the pre-Convention trip for the Society of Major Donors, my mother dedicated a special gift that our family has made in my father’s memory. L’dor v’dor, from generation to generation. My parents always instilled in me and my brothers…the importance of tzedakah.”

Kimi Schulman, National Liaison, Evolve Hadassah (daughter of Miki Schulman, Chair, 360 Degrees of Healing: The Full Circle Campaign)

A Driving Sense of Purpose 

I could not be prouder to be a part of this organization. This multigenerational sisterhood that forms and the bonds that you get from working with those people, that has been really powerful for me. I keep coming back to all the friends — not just friends but sisters — and people I really, really care about throughout all of this. And this is gonna sound a little hokey, but it’s really given me a driving sense of purpose.

Kate Badenoch, member, Hadassah Pacific Northwest

A Strong US-Israel Connection

“We want everyone to feel inspired and have a sense of pride and purpose in the work they and Hadassah have done to make such a profound difference in Israel.”

Joyce Rabin, Chair, Hadassah’s 100th National of Convention

Leveraging the Law

“Hadassah’s participation in amicus briefs is sought after by our diverse coalition partners — women's, Jewish, and civil and human rights organizations,” writes Tamar Sadeh in The Times of Israel. Co-chair of the Hadassah Attorneys and Judges Council and founder of Hadassah’s Amicus Brief Program, Sadeh says: “In amicus briefs Hadassah voices support for legal arguments to safeguard the rights and improve the lives of Jews and women in the United States. It is empowering and uplifting — especially in our polarized times — to bring together a diverse group of attorneys and judges for crucial advocacy.” “As the proud daughter and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and founders of Nahariya, Israel, and as an American attorney, for nearly 25 years I have helped to lead Hadassah's legal advocacy in the US.”

Advancing Our Issues as Advocates 

“These meetings [with Congress] always make me realize how important it is to advocate as a constituent. Before being involved, I didn’t fully understand how many proposals and resolutions there are — and how much the elected officials rely on these advocacy meetings to help focus their efforts.”

Diane Brody, Hadassah Greater Detroit, Education and Advocacy Vice President

Building Powerful Connections

Professional Councils

Hadassah has three national professional councils: Attorneys & Judges, Nurses & Allied Health Professionals and Physicians. In 2022, we laid the groundwork to launch the Hadassah Educators Council, a community of empowered educators who share a passion for learning and teaching and will work to advance Hadassah, Judaism, Zionism and Israel through education, networking, engagement and advocacy.

Deepening Understandings

In 2022, Hadassah hired Michelle Rojas-Tal as Hadassah’s Zionist Scholar-in-Residence. Rojas-Tal spoke at 40 meetings around the country from August through December, leading conversations about Zionism designed to deepen understanding of the complexities of Israel and how to talk about them.

Mixed Media: Our Magazine, Podcast & Social Media

Podcast Alert!

Our Hadassah On Call: New Frontiers in Medicine podcast connects members, donors and listeners across the United States to Hadassah hospitals in Israel. Each monthly episode sheds light on a pressing medical issue, featuring updates, insights and innovations, translating complex science into everyday language and helping listeners understand how to stay healthy.

In 2022, we reached more listeners than ever, with 12,791 downloads (a 54% increase), a bigger subscriber list and more visibility on social media than ever (1.1 million impressions), including our most-listened-to episode on PTSD.

In 2022, we reached more listeners than ever

12,791 downloads (a 54% increase), a bigger subscriber list and more visibility on social media than ever (1.1 million impressions), including our most-listened-to episode on PTSD. .

Listen Now

“As a health and innovation reporter,
I feel lucky to tell the stories of how Israeli ingenuity is helping to make the world a better place.”

— Veteran Journalist Maayan Hoffman, Host, Hadassah On Call
(a third-generation Hadassah life member)

Online and Engaged:
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Front and Center

Hadassah Magazine took home six Simon Rockower Awards for excellence in Jewish journalism from the American Jewish Press Association (AJPA), including for "The Pandemic Issue—Covid’s Collateral Damage: Women"