Ties to Israel

Central to Hadassah’s mission is the well-being of future generations and of a strong, diverse Israel. From our youth initiatives in Israel and the United States, to our advocacy and education programs across the United States, to our strong leadership in the diaspora, this unbreakable bond — across generations and between our two nations — is reinforced every day. In 2022, hundreds of our members and supporters came together in person in Jerusalem to see this impact firsthand. We’re so grateful to everyone who helps us strengthen these ties.

"Hadassah will continue to be a critical force in building Israel that we are all proud of."

—Israel President Isaac Herzog (welcome remarks)

"Women are the greatest engine in social change, in my mind"

—First Lady of Israel Michal Herzog, recipient of Hadassah's first-ever Power of Esther Award.

"My personal family and the Hadassah family are the two pillars on which my life stands.... Our major purpose is to care, to care about all people."

—Past Hadassah National President Marlene Post,
2022 Henrietta Szold
Award recipient

Together in Israel:
Our Pride. Our Purpose.

For four full and spectacular days in Jerusalem and beyond, Hadassah’s 100th National Convention in Israel inspired, telling the stories of the people whose lives Hadassah has transformed and those who make our impact possible, connecting some 350 attendees in person with our mission, the land of Israel and one another. At what attendees described as “the best convention ever,” Hadassah leaders reaffirmed their commitment to Hadassah’s vision of healing along with such notables as Israel’s President Isaac Herzog, Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Nachman Shai, US Ambassador to Israel Thomas R. Nides, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Israeli Health Ministry Director General Prof. Nachman Ash, Dr. Shoshy Goldberg of the Ministry of Health and Knesset Member Idit Silman.

Seeing the Future of Medicine Unfold at Ein Kerem

As they toured Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, many for the first time, Convention-goers heard about the remarkable medical advances from the innovative Hadassah doctors themselves. And they saw the reality of shared society in every corridor, from the patients, doctors and nurses, to the Muslim prayer rugs for visiting families and the Chagall windows in the Abbell Synagogue. For many, a highlight was donning hardhats to see the transformation of the iconic Round Building, made possible by the generosity of its Hadassah supporters. For others, the true highlight was the Founders dinner for major donors, which raised over $1,000,000.

Evolve: The Next Generation 

Hadassah's efforts to engage amazing younger women are working, and their presence was palpable — and welcome. In addition to a pre-Convention tour, nearly 40 attended Convention, including Hadassah's Evolve Leadership Fellows, the cohort of young members from across the country who will lead the next generation at Hadassah.

Interactive & Accessible: Our New Cutting-Edge Nursing School Learning Center

Hadassah National President Rhoda Smolow, alongside Prof. Yoram Weiss, HMO director general, and Dr. Rely Alon, PhD, director of Nursing and Health Professions, proudly cut the ribbon of the fully accessible Henrietta Szold Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Nursing’s Jean Goldwurm Auditorium and New Learning Center.

Made possible by generous donors and the Hadassah Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Council, the center will give future nurses “the best education possible,” said Alon, “improving their skills and strengthening them to face challenges posed by their demanding jobs.”

Our Youth, Our Future.

Student Spotlight: A New Start, from Refugee to Surfer

With the help of Hadassah and the Israeli Embassy, Sasha was able to leave behind the the falling bombs of Mariupol, Ukraine, to build a new life at Hadassah Neurim, where surfing helps him cope. Sasha shared his story at Hadassah’s Pride, our signature Convention event, marked by a poignant mother & son reunion that made Hadassah’s impact clear. For many Convention attendees, being at our Youth Villages — perhaps best known for providing refuge to children fleeing the Holocaust — brought home how Hadassah is helping build a strong future for a diverse Israel.

Instilling Values, Building Leaders 

At Hadassah, we help provide experiences that last a lifetime for thousands of American children and young adults — at summer camps, Israel programs, year-round activities and volunteer experiences. Through support for Young Judaea, we’re fostering a lifelong love of Jewish life, Zionism and Israel in thousands of American youth.

$238,000 Scholarship Funds

Hadassah’s Scholarship Fund provided $238,000 to students to participate in Young Judaea Year Course and Gesher Summer programs in Israel, and Young Judaea camps in the United States.

From At-Risk to On Track

Hadassah’s two Youth Aliyah villages, Meir Shfeyah and Hadassah Neurim, help set young immigrants, refugees and at-risk Israelis on a path to success, providing food and shelter, academic and vocational education, and emotional support. Programs include Jewish and Zionist education, music therapy and a dog-rescue program designed to build self-esteem. Neurim students often compete in international athletic and robotics competitions, while Shfeyah is known for its mandolin orchestra, dairy farm and winery. Youth Aliyah students perform well academically, scoring nearly twice the national average on state exams.

300,000+ Graduates

Since 1934, more than 300,000 students from 80 nations and  faiths have graduated from Youth Aliyah.

Record Breaking Enrollment

In 2022, the two villages saw its highest enrollment levels, 1,038 students, including 59 Ukrainian students who arrived as refugees.

Our Principles in Action

Speaking Out for Israel 

As news broke that then-Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's government would not implement the 2016 agreement to set up a permanent space for egalitarian prayer beside the Western Wall, Hadassah spoke out, urging Israel to honor its Hadassah-endorsed 2016 commitment to making the holy site accessible to all.

Marking a Zionist Milestone

To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress, a delegation of Hadassah leaders traveled to Basel, Switzerland, where they joined Israeli dignitaries, Jewish leaders and Zionist delegates. Representing Hadassah were National President Rhoda Smolow; CEO Naomi Adler; Judy Shereck, Zionist Affairs Advocacy chair; Immediate Past National President Ellen Hershkin, chair of Hadassah Israel Travel; Barbara “BG” Goldstein, ambassador-at-large, Hadassah Office in Israel; and Esther Serok, Hadassah representative to the World Zionist Congress.